Picture 9: church

church and i have had a somewhat on-again off-again relationship for the last couple of years. sometimes i have difficulty articulating why exactly i've felt the need to withdraw a bit. seminary raised a lot of questions and challenges for me. i also think being a pastor's kid had its difficulties by showing you the political side of the church that is not as appealing. working at fuller has helped a lot. i have a great boss that has a ridiculous passionate faith in the church and what it can be. he has helped to encourage and inspire me  to never give up. i am a captive of hope - and part of that hope is in the church and what she is meant to be. no matter how many questions i have, i won't ever give up on being apart of some faith community, because i know that that's what Christ called us to - community. practicing our faith together.

just in this last year i have visited All Saints Church a few times and really love it. their community is so vibrant and welcoming of all people no matter where they find themselves in life. the traditional structure makes me feel safe and comfortable. while i appreciate all that the emergent church is doing to reach out to people - i think i need a more traditional structure. i am inspired by their commitment to social justice and care for the community.

i'm 2/2 in 2011 - and i'm hoping to keep it up!

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