Picture 2: last day of vacation

Well, all good things must come to an end - including my vacation. I really like working at a school, because you get a loooooooooong vacation for Christmas. It is glorious, really. I got to go back to Illinois for a while week - and meet my niece Jael for the first time!!

But all of that is coming swiftly to a close. Work starts again tomorrow - at 8am! So on my last day I am sitting all cozy on my couch, candles lit, coffee in hand, with the Packer/Bear football game on in the background. Doing some projects I want to catch up on - checking facebook - writing emails. These times of solitude with nothing TRULY pressing are rare and I am going to take advantage of this one.

There is a light rain falling outside which makes staying inside cuddled up on the couch even more appealing. The rest of the day I plan to cuddle with my blanket, nap, drink more coffee, eat some more of that chocolate-pecan pie bar I made yesterday and maybe even read a book.

I am sure we'd get bored if vacations lasted forever - but on days like these I really wish they would.

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