Picture 19: the doctor

i kind of hate going to the doctor. i have one of the greatest doctors ever, and i really like her. but there is just something about going to the doctor's office that freaks me out every time. first of all, it takes a lot to get me to actually go because i have to let things go pretty far before i actually make an appointment which means i am probably feeling pretty crummy. second of all, everyone there is SICK! today, for instance, there was this woman that was just hacking up a lung in the waiting room. i was trying not to stare and trying not to sanitize my hands in an obvious way - but it really felt like germs were shooting through the air trying to attack me.

i have this weird rash thing on my arm. i have had it for two months with no improvement when i've tried various creams and things on it. so i finally went and saw my doctor. she is completely perplexed by it. good news: she's not worried about it at all. the bad news: she thinks this huge blob on my arm is never going to go away. she thinks that it is not actually a rash and just some weird pigment deformation thing.

oh good.

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The Almeidas said...

You could probably use it to share the Gospel!

"What's that weird rash on your wrist?"

"Oh, the HOPE tattoo on my palm? It's to remind me of the hope I have in Jesus!"

"Who's Jesus?"

And there you go. It's like a tract, but better :)