Picture 12: modern family

Modern Family might be the most brilliant show on television. It is so hilarious. I love it. It might be the ONLY show that I absolutely have to make time for every week. I decided quite a while ago that I would not let television come in the way of people [I had to make a decision like that because I don't own one of those fancy DVR things], but I think Modern Family can be one of those exceptions. I am allowed to neglect human beings in order to be home, at a television, at 9:00p on Wednesday nights.

Thankfully, I have a standing date with Harris and Jen to watch the show - so I don't end up having to be that much of a pathetic loser. Harris and Jen are two of the most wonderful people you will ever meet and I am eternally grateful to have them in my life. Jen can always make me laugh, no matter what - and I don't even mind that she's such a picky eater she always gets to choose where we go to lunch! I cherish these Wednesday evenings not JUST because Modern Family is on the television, but because I get to spend an evening laughing, chatting and relaxing with these two wonderful people. [And, perhaps, becuase I brought a six pack of Red Stripe over to their house about 8 months ago and there was STILL one in the cupboard for me waiting this evening when I needed one after my long day].

We ALSO are in the habit of catching Cougar Town when it comes on right after Modern Family. Trust me, people - it has gotten a lot better. Give it a try! Courtney Cox's character can be a little annoying - but, then again, so can all of you at different points during the day. So it is probably a little realistic!

Modern Family got signed on for a third season. Here's to hoping there are at least 7 more to come!

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