Picture 7: conspiracy theories

Sometimes, at the end of a long week, we need something interesting to get us through Friday. My colleagues and I decided that every couple of hours we would take 5-10 minutes to look into some conspiracy theories (CTF = Conspiracy Theory Friday). We weren't sure whether we would in the end prove or disprove them, but we were excited to research them with an open mind.

Here are the theories that we researched:
Men walking on the mood
Terrorists and War
All the dying fish/birds/penguins/manatee/crabs

Basically, we found that ALL of them were related. It was all something to do with compartmentalization and global governance and the new world order and the fact that the goverment is actually testing all these chemicals and weapons on us without telling us and eventually going to kill us all. So....I hope you can't sleep tonight cause none of us are safe!!!

Happy Friday.

PS....here was my favorite/most informative video on why all the birds are dying. I wanted to leave you with at least a LITTLE information

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