Picture 25: LAURA MARLING (and other musicians)

today's picture(s) is musicians.
in my old age. the retirement of school. my leisure years. i have taken up a love of music and concerts. hopefully more pictures this year will be of sweet sweet music, but you and i will both have to just be patient.

tonight.......iron & wine had a concert at the wiltern. singing with rosie thomas and marketa irglova (magnificent!) and laura marling opened.

i have to be honest. i bought the tickets for laura. she's brilliant. i've said it before and i'll say it again, her voice could cure diseases - or at least make a bad day better. she alone was worth the ticket. too bad i couldn't figure out how to take a good picture on my camera phone while she was up there so this will have to do. sorry (mostly to laura!)

next up was iron & wine. i'll be honest. i've never really been on the iron & wine bandwagon. i've always appreciated their sound and enjoyed their music, i've just never really invested or gotten into it. and tonight was really no different. they are talented, no argument there, but there was nothing that really stirred me or called me out from the middle of my tired week to say "awake! listen! rejuvenate!" it was good music - i am glad i went - but i don't think i'd go see them live again. and, frankly, i wanted to hear more of rosie and marketa!
(for your enjoyment i have chosen to upload an artistic photo i took displaying the unique view i had all evening. please note both how far away the stage was as well as the ENORMOUS head of the really really really tall man that was directly in front of me....as least big heads don't block sound!)

okay. speaking of that middle of the week thing...i am TIRED. so i am going to go to bed. i don't know how my hip friends do this all the time. i'll probably have to recuperate from this late night for like three weeks now!

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