Picture 26: rearranging

I have decided to redecorate my "office". This is difficult since I work in a cubical. AND, that cubical is at a front receptionist-type desk. This means that I have about two walls that I can decorate.

BUT, today I removed the wide, awkward table that was there before and I decided that I would bring in this thin little table and try to spruce things up a bit. I need a table running to make it look a little nicer since it has seen better days (the boys HATE this purple thing I have going on) - it is a start.

I figure that I can put all my little nick-nacks on there, photographs, candles, make it look like a little homey part of my work station. There is also a place underneath that we can put all of the books that our graduates have published.

I realize that it looks terrible right now - but I just don't think I was born with the creative decorating gene, and I need some help. If any of you have some great ideas, let me know!

But just so YOU know......Edward Norton stays. That's the only piece of this puzzle that isn't going anywhere. Frankly, I think he brings the whole thing together nicely. Maybe I should be making the whole thing a shrine to him anyway ;-)

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