Picture 90: Walk for Japan

these adorable kids were walking down Walnut street today yelling "Walk for Japan!" and holding various signs declaring their love and support of that great country. there were also several children holding signs with peace signs and others declaring "no more drugs!" or "no more bullies!" what a cute bunch of kids. and boy did they LOVE it when the cars driving by would honk their horn!!


Picture 89: SPRING!

i love spring. it is getting warmer, the days are longer, and FLOWERS ARE EVERYWHERE!

Also, thanks to The Unexperts who encouraged me to try snapping pictures from a different angle today! I kind of liked it :)


Picture 88: the little things

you know what makes you feel special? the little things. like someone making a batch of cupcakes but NOT frosting just a few...especially for you - because they remember that you hate frosting.


Picture 87: tony jones

tony came to campus today to hang out at our doctor of ministry visit day and then talk on campus for an evening event in travis auditorium. i have to say, if any of you out there are in the place to do a doctor of ministry program, you should look into this. because if i qualified or were in a place to start a doctorate - i would seriously consider this DMin degree in christian spirituality - it sounds amazing. read more about it HERE.



Picture 84: target

sometimes it is really fun when you get to run errands with your co-workers. i'm just glad it was david's turn to push kludt in the kart...


Picture 83: Pho

is anyone else noticing that pretty much all of my pictures are surrounding FOOD!! well...when you love something and do it a lot, i guess you take pictures of it :)

today for lunch i hate pho. i love pho. it is the perfect meal for a rainy day.


Picture 81: In-n-Out

After a long, crappy day - there is nothing quite like spontaneous in-n-out dinner with the girls to chat away the worries of your day.



Picture 80: Pasadena Sanwich Company

somedays, you just need a delicious HUGE fresh sandwich made from the friendly people down at the pasadena sandwich company. seriously...if you've never been there - you need to go and get you some.

and my suggestion: TRUST THE COOK! you won't regret it.


Picture 79: dinner

dinner with great friends.
trying new foods.
introducing new people.
drinking delicious wine.
indulging ourselves with coconut cream pie.
cocktails (dark and stormy!) prepared by r.
light sabers.

full heart.


Picture 77: words in pictures

i don't know what it is about dandelion's, but i think they are one of the most fascinating and beautiful things ever. and for some reason, to me, they are very symbolic. they can mean any number of things depending on the phase of life i associate them with: youth, carefree, hope, new beginings, scattering, mystery, ...


Picture 76: Corned Beef and Cabbage

 It is St. Patrick's Day...and in honor of the day, I shall play my bagpipes and eat corned beef and cabbage. [Full disclosure: I made this corned beef and cabbage yesterday becuase of scheduling conflicts with the lovely people I was sharing the meal with...but I DID eat leftovers today....so it counts!]

Corned Beef & Cabbage – From Marmie (my mom knows what's best!)

First of all, I am super cute and when I wear my grandma's apron I channel her exceptional cooking skills!

List of Ingredients
1 flat cut corned beef (4 lbs)
4 cut up potatoes
4 carrots (cut)
3 cut up onions (brown)
Head of Cabbage

Put all vegetables (except cabbage) into Dutch oven

add water to almost cover vegetables.
Lay corned beef over vegetables with FAT side up.
Sprinkle beef with pickling spices.

COVER and simmer for more than an hour per pound.
(if water gets to high take some out – don’t want meat immersed in water)

When done:
Scrape off pickling spices
Cut raw head of cabbage in chunks – put on top of meat
Cover with lid and simmer for another hour to hour and 15 min.
Then meal is ready

Lift out cabbage (in bowl)

Lift out meat (scrape off fat) put in bowl (I think I cut the meat weird this time around....but it still tasted the same!)

Veggies in bowl

Special Note: Best served with BEER!


Picture 75: street artist

i was out for a walk this evening and was randomly stopped by this nice man that wanted to give me some of his art! it was awesome. he lives here in pasadena and just wanted to spread some love by sharing his gift with people. it was very creative abstract art that he does and i was so grateful to get to pick out a few pieces. i had always heard that people sometimes do this, but never experienced it myself. what a cool gift!

thanks, ahmed!


Picture 74: vodka tonic

i love vodka tonics. it is true. and the more lime the better. they are just so refreshing. if you need a little something something after a long hard day at work or at home running around chasing the kids all day - a vodka tonic with lime might just be what you need.


Picture 73: Pi(e) Day!

Am I allowed to have two pictures of pie in one week? Well, regardless, it is happening. Today was Pi(e) Day for all of you who tragically missed out. And pie we had. At the House of Pies in Los Angeles.

Behold the Banana Creme and Strawberry Cream. And it was good.


Picture 72: hidden secrets

pasadena has many hidden secrets, of that i am sure. what is exciting is discovering them. whether it be word of mouth or internet searches or simply spending the time trudging through some pretty awful experiences in order to find the rare gems - pasadena has the rare gems waiting to be discovered, you just have to go out and find them.

roma italian deli. go there. ask for the sandwich. the man will hook you up. in a way, i feel like a dumb ass since he has been around for 57 (!!) years and i only discovered him this weekend. six years of living in pasadena i could have been eating these glorious sandwiches. so much time and so many taste buds wasted. but i know he is there now. and so do you. if you don't believe me - read all the other yelp reviews.


Picture 71: Peter Mayer

Peter Mayer has long been one of my favorite musical artists....ever. He has written my top two favorite songs of all time. I realize that is a drastic statement, but it is true. His songs have so much depth and meaning to them that they undoubtedly will connect with your soul in a way other songs have not. He is a simple and humble man, but so gifted and so talented. It was a joy to be able to go and watch him perform live this evening.


Picture 69: Pie n Burger

Dinner tonight? Pie n Burger...stop #2 on our Burger Tour 2011. The cheeseburger was delicious. But I couldn't just leave after devouring that...I mean, I think it would almost be a sin, PIE is in the name of the restaurant!


Picture 68: a contradiction of sorts

Slogans are good, but sometimes we as people, and cities, have really good intentions. And those intentions don't always pan out like we thought they would. Cause we aren't always the best at following through...


Picture 66: books

I love reading. And even though I got a kindle for Christmas that I am getting used to and really enjoying, there is just something about holding an actual book in your hands that can't be replaced. I love the smell and the feel - being able to turn the pages and write every which way in the margins.

Or perhaps it is because there are so many books I have read that have impacted me and hold special meaning for me. There is no way I could ever get rid of them and when I look at them they remind of of hope or strength or some part of my journey that I never want to forget.

Here is a glimpse of part of my book shelf. May we never stop reading and never stop exploring.


Picture 65: cooking

cooking. one of my favorite things to do. but cooking with wine? even better! especially when there is some left over :) this was a pretty good slow cooker creamy chicken 'n biscuit recipe. full recipe coming later!


Picture 62: emergency latte

the coffee shop by work has been out of order for a few days. the espresso machine broke so all you can order is drip coffee, tea or smoothies. talk about TERRIBLE! and why is it that you can drink black coffee everyday for months and then when the coffee shop down the street can't offer you anything but that you all of the sudden want nothing but a LATTE. there is nothing else in the world that will satisfy you.

this happened to me today. and i am not proud to say that i convinced one of my co-workers to drive a couple miles to a delicious coffee shop in order to get me a vanilla latte. i wish i could say i feel slightly bad, but i just feel satisfied, because it was delicious. and i loved it. and it made this thursday afternoon go that much better.


Picture 61: SUNflower

i love flowers. they are really happy. and this one is even happier because tammi gave it to me and that means SHE'S BACK AT WORK!!!!


Picture 60: beerdough

I have a great friend Rachael that I love to laugh with. We think laughter is the best medicine (I am pretty sure we made up that phrase). So in order to de-stress and take our mind off the events of the day we have what we call "beerdough comedy nights"

This involes
-raw cookie dough
-a stand up comedian


Recently we've really been into Eddie Izzard - I think we're going to continue with this because he is brilliant and makes me want to pee my pants. Especially when he talks about sticking cutlery in a toaster....while in the tub.