Picture 66: books

I love reading. And even though I got a kindle for Christmas that I am getting used to and really enjoying, there is just something about holding an actual book in your hands that can't be replaced. I love the smell and the feel - being able to turn the pages and write every which way in the margins.

Or perhaps it is because there are so many books I have read that have impacted me and hold special meaning for me. There is no way I could ever get rid of them and when I look at them they remind of of hope or strength or some part of my journey that I never want to forget.

Here is a glimpse of part of my book shelf. May we never stop reading and never stop exploring.

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Rachael said...

A Serious AMEN to this post - on multiple levels - that having actual books whose margins you can scribble in provide fun for years to come when re-reading and discovering what struck you way back when...for the character of bended pages and busted up spines that communicate a booked has been loved to life like the velveteen rabbit...sigh...for so many more reasons I'm too tired to post: I love them :)

But I'd still like an E-Reader for travel so I don't break my own spine lugging books around (since I always bring more options than a human being would ever get around to reading with the rationale "who knows what I might want to read at the time!" :)