Picture 76: Corned Beef and Cabbage

 It is St. Patrick's Day...and in honor of the day, I shall play my bagpipes and eat corned beef and cabbage. [Full disclosure: I made this corned beef and cabbage yesterday becuase of scheduling conflicts with the lovely people I was sharing the meal with...but I DID eat leftovers today....so it counts!]

Corned Beef & Cabbage – From Marmie (my mom knows what's best!)

First of all, I am super cute and when I wear my grandma's apron I channel her exceptional cooking skills!

List of Ingredients
1 flat cut corned beef (4 lbs)
4 cut up potatoes
4 carrots (cut)
3 cut up onions (brown)
Head of Cabbage

Put all vegetables (except cabbage) into Dutch oven

add water to almost cover vegetables.
Lay corned beef over vegetables with FAT side up.
Sprinkle beef with pickling spices.

COVER and simmer for more than an hour per pound.
(if water gets to high take some out – don’t want meat immersed in water)

When done:
Scrape off pickling spices
Cut raw head of cabbage in chunks – put on top of meat
Cover with lid and simmer for another hour to hour and 15 min.
Then meal is ready

Lift out cabbage (in bowl)

Lift out meat (scrape off fat) put in bowl (I think I cut the meat weird this time around....but it still tasted the same!)

Veggies in bowl

Special Note: Best served with BEER!


dave said...

only problem is that Guinness is hard to turn green!

WanderingellimaC said...

that's true!! you've just got to WEAR green to make up for it :)