Picture 151: BBQ

carne asada BBQ...whatever that cheesy peppery stuff is on top of my tortilla...I need to learn how to make it!!


Picture 148: family

Today, my marmie and brother drove up from Illinois for the wedding. so i got to hang out with them all afternoon!


Picture 147: flowers

today we got up early and went to the flower market. we are going to make all the bouquets ourselves.

So Pretty!!!


Picture 146: Specca!!

Today I flew to Minnesota to be with my bestest Specca for her WEDDING!!!! She picked me up at the airport and we went to Chino Latino for a late happy hour! Let the festivities begin!!


Picture 141: dinner

JK and i went to go meet up with some peeps down in chula vista for dinner. it was a wonderful time with food, fun and laughter. and even a homemade cheesecake!!


Picture 140: JK

I am late in posting pictures this weekend because I got to go to San Diego to visit my favoritests JK. We drank wine, chatted, laughed, went to the beach, ate, drove, hung out with other friends, took photos and just enjoyed a relaxing weekend. True friends you can talk to about anything and are bold enough to speak truth into your life are a rare rare gift. I love my JK.


Picture 138: breaking down walls

i went to work on wednesday and there was a stone wall at the end of my driveway...i came back...and it was gone! just a little spring cleaning. i will say, it is much easier to back out now without worrying i will run into something :) i was going to try to show you a before and after - but i couldn't find a before shot. apparently i do not take pictures of my driveway that often! go figure.


Picture 137: me

my friend lizzo took this picture of me. i think my nose looks weird. but i also kind of like it. also, i didn't take a picture today - so i am stealing this one from her and being narcissistic.


Picture 136: nature loves beer too

don't even think mother nature doesn't get thirsty for a little something other than water every now and then.


Picture 135: tri-tip

i made this for dinner...in my crock pot. yummm.

tri-tip with sun dried tomatoes and feta.

throw a 2lb piece of tri-tip on your crock pot
put an 8 oz (drained) jar of sun dried tomatoes on top
crumble 8 oz feta on top of that
pour 1/3 cup dry white wine over all of it

let it cook on low for 6-10 hours (i did six)

SO EASY! the meat was SUPER tender. and it was quite tasty. i thought the meat could have used a bit more flavor...but it turned out to be really good leftovers. i had sandwiches for lunch.


Picture 134: swings

I have posted this picture several places today but still decided to use it as my picture of the day because it makes me so happy. Swinging is fun, I love Haven and nothing is better than the smiling and giggling of a little girl. Let's go back to the park again soon!


Picture 133: bathroom

this bathroom really confuses me. it is located in my office building. and as you can see, there is an extra chair in it. as you can also probably tell, it is a one-seater toilet. WHY is there another chair in there? i realize there is a stereotype with women always going the bathroom together, but this time i think we've gone a little too far. i don't need my girlfriend sitting right next to me as i do my business so we can catching up on our gabbing. the next stall away is one thing - but this is just ridiculous.


Picture 132: dessert

From Senor Fish: fried plantians with fresh strawberries and cream.


Picture 131: diagram

we did really hard work in the office today. we made a mock up of the cupcake set up we want to have for our graduation ceremony for our doctoral students. you see, for the special hooding ceremony we have just for our doctor of ministry graduates we have decided to cater in 1000 cupcakes! it is going to be delicious, and beautiful - but we have to set them all up. and so the great minds in our office got together to decide the most aesthetically pleasing way to set them up. i think we're really on to something....


Picture 130: FINISHED!!!

this is the best letter one could ever get in the mail. bye bye bethel university!!

...now on to my graduate loans.


Picture 128: happy mothers day?

i think i figured out the worst gift i could ever get my mothers for mother's day. i, on the other hand, need to find someone to pretend they're my daughter so i can cash in on this!!

happy mother's day everyone (or....at least those of you who are mothers)


Picture 125: goodnight

I forgot to take a photo today, so you get..."what my bedroom looks like at night." That cool glowing light is my fan. So much depth......


Picture 122: campus tour

i got to give a bunch of brazilian pastors a tour of fuller's campus today. and it was a delight. they were so eager, joyful, and encouraging. i can't wait for them to come here.