Some thought-provoking images

I was reading through some other blogs today and came across some rather interesting images that made me pause. I do not know this blogger, but I believe many of you who read this blog do - so perhaps you have seen them already, but if not, take pause and reflect. The original images were found HERE.


Recovering Evangelical

I have a friend, Chris, and he's amazing. You may have caught him on Fox News? Oh...you missed it? Never fear, I have a copy of it for you right here:

Chris has a gift of being able to articulately communicate what so many from my generation (and I believe even the generations above me) are feeling but don't know how to express.

I voted for Obama in this last election - and took A LOT of grief for it. Those I took the most grief from were persons who unabashedly admitted they were two-issue voters. For them moral values didn't stem much further (at least when it came to election) than abortion and gay marriage. I just wasn't satisfied with that. Although to many who have known me for my whole life I might be seen as swinging way to the left, becoming liberal or letting go of my roots - I see it as expanding my perspective of what it truly means to follow Christ. As Chris so delicately put it:
"We are pro life, but for us that definition is far broader than abortion. It includes poverty, AIDS, human trafficking and the war in Iraq."
I encourage you to check out the new website he created - the virtual community of those he has titled "Recovering Evangelicals." Those who are tired of the old ways of traditionally viewing things and are looking for a new standard and a broader scope of what it might mean to be a missional follower of Christ. Come check it out and join in the conversation!