July 31st...kimchi

I am trying a recipe for homemade kimchi.  Super excited! I'll let you know how it turns out...once I let it ferment for a week :)


July 26th...garden veggies

Garden Veggies are the best!  Karla planted a garden and then left for the summer so now I get to water it and eat it all.  Yummmm!


July 25th...simon

happy hour with simon = some talking, lots of tweeting...mostly to eachother.


July 24th - katie herzig

another lazy summer evening listening to free music at a concert in the park. *sigh. i love summer, i love pasadena, i love my life.


July 23rd...bag lady

i may or may not own too many purses. okay....so i own too many purses. so tonight i decided i needed to get rid of a few of them before i grow old and turn into the bag lady. before i drop them off at goodwill i decided to see if any of you lovely people wanted them. they are all in great condition because i own so many i barely ever use these!! *sigh.
if you want one of them - let me know! i'm just giving them away for free. sorry these are pretty terrible pictures of them all, but it was the best i could do at 9p while cleaning my room :)
Message me (if you're reading this on FB), email me, or leave a comment if you want one of them.

Originally from Old Navy - big enough to be a computer bag.

No idea where this originally came from.

So cute and fun - perfect for a night out. Can't fit much.

really pink. and really fun.

Bought this in the Czech Republic - almost didn't put it up here to give away cause I just LOVE it...but I also never use it :(

no clue where I got this either - but it is simple and small.

This purse is CRAZY. Was a fun gift from my mom but I am not cool enough to ever pull it off.


July 22nd...gift bags

Spent the evening making gift bags for the women.  And now we get to go out and give them away.  Hoping for good conversations and connections.


July 21st...Concert in the park

I enjoyed a lovely evening with the fabulous Kaytee talking and eating and laughing. We joined some friends at the Levitt Pavillion for a free Carla Morrison concert  and some other chick that was actually pretty bad. 
All in all a pretty perfect evening.  I love my happy little city of Pasadena and my lovely friend Kaytee.


July 18 - grocery fail

i went to the grocery store with 6 things on my list...and i didn't get two of them.



July 17 - switch up




Did I cut my hair or did Jen dye hers? I guess we'll never know.... (but I will say Jen would look super hot with dark hair!)

I had a lovely dinner this evening with Jen and Harris who are packing up to abandon me this week. I hate saying goodbye - I hate it when friends move. But I am so so so so proud of Harris getting into this PhD program and excited about what the future holds for them. And I guess this means I might get to visit TX for the first time ever!


July 15…the next great horror film

Attack of the birds...poop is falling from the sky (a.k.a...a bird pooped on my head today. )


July 14th - safety first

today fuller did a little drill in safety preparedness. kludt and i were actors who played victims in a giant earthquake so those on the safety committee could practice search and rescue.

kludt had a large (not not severe) head wound. and a deadly sucking chest wound.

i had no visible injuries (other than a little scratch on my arm) but my 3month old was not breathing, had no pulse and was unconscious.

here was where they brought kludt out to the medical center to tend to his wounds. it was actually a freaky simulation. i hope we never have to go through the real thing!


July 13th - pictures

if you forget your camera at work so you can't upload your picture of the day to your laptop - just take a picture of your room with your macbook's photobooth. check.

i love my wall of photos. all of them painted, drawn, snapped or from those i love most in the world.


July 12th - chatting

on a slow tuesday afternoon - facetime is what sees you through. i've never been so caught up on my friends lives! i love technology!


July 9th....the jouney of a beard

matt has a full man beard.
he decided to shave said beard.
it was shaved off in gross...disturbing...don't-ever-do-that-to-your-face-on-a-permanent-basis stages.
i share that with you now.
please, join me....on a journey from fullness to scruff - the journey of matt's beard.
Also, I apologize in advance for forgetting to take a "before" picture.

A little trim down the middle - gotta leave the soul patch!...also, as a side note: I am fairly certain if Matt ever committed a crime the LAPD would ask to borrow this photo to use as his mug shot.

All the middle gone - just leaving the almighty chops. Matt called this one the "Charles Dickens"

Just the fu manchu mustache...frightening.

Now just the creeper nasty stache. Only made creepier by the creeper smile. Well done, Matt.

And the world wept because another beautiful man beard was gone. What nice teeth you have, Matt - now that we notice you have teeth without all that beard in the way!


July 6th - Customer in Training

Do you think I am so bad at grocery shopping and hate it so much because I was never trained as well as this little boy is going to be?


July 4th

I have decided to stop numbering my pictures because, well, i won't get up to 365 since i skipped most of june - and it was getting confusing to keep track of (don't ask me why, just trust me).  so i will just label each day by the day that it is (genius!)

today was the birth day of america. several wonderful friends came over to eat and laugh and drink and watch fireworks. it was great.

the hit of the night was the sangria - what a perfectly refreshing drink for a hot night outdoors for a BBQ, fireworks and general nostalgia about our home country!

i originally got this recipe from my awesome friend allen brown.

1 bottle chilled White Wine
1 White Peach
1 Green Apple
2 Oranges
~ 6 oz. Gingerale
~ 1/3 c. Sugar
~ 1 T. Ground Cinnamon

First put wine in pitcher - add sugar and cinnamon and stir until well mixed. Dice peach & apple (1/2 in. cubes).  Slice 1 Orange.  Squeeze Juice from other orange.  Mix, chill, & serve.  Can serve over ice or not.  Extra fruit can be used as garnish.


Picture 165: Flank Steak

Dinner tonight was brought to you by the crock pot (shocker!)

flank steak stuffed with apple, feta and almonds.

i give it a giant YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously. so good. so so freaking good. and really easy. the taste is subtle but delicious and refreshing. it was the perfect supper for a hot summer day.

3lbs flank steak
1/2 c honey
1/2 c gluten-free soy sauce
3/4 c feta cheese, crumbled
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 green apple diced (no need to peel)
1/3 cup raw almonds, chopped

Put the flank steak in a plastic ziplock bag with the honey and soy sauce and marinate overnight.

In the morning, combine the feta cheese, garlic, green apple and chopped almonds in a mixing bowl. Pour the flank steak and marinade into the crock pot. Remove the meat from the marinade, and put it on a cutting board. Put a handful or two of the cheese filling in the middle of the flank and roll it up (the more you can stuff in there the better!!) Return the meat to the crock, steam-side down. (If you need to, you can use toothpicks or skewers to secure it). Cover and cook on low for 6 to 7 hours, or on high for about 4 hours.

Slice and serve! The extra feta, apple, garlic and almonds make for a great salad topping!


Picture 164: I love America

Cha loves America. So much that she shares her birthday every year with her. How selfless. Then again, America looks good on her.



Remember that one time I was going to blog a picture everyday and then got really busy so I stopped??
I do. Oops.
So I guess I decided to take the month of June off. But I'm back again now. So you can stop crying yourself to sleep.
It is Cha's birthday week so the girls went to La Luna Negra for dinner. Soooooo good.