July 9th....the jouney of a beard

matt has a full man beard.
he decided to shave said beard.
it was shaved off in gross...disturbing...don't-ever-do-that-to-your-face-on-a-permanent-basis stages.
i share that with you now.
please, join me....on a journey from fullness to scruff - the journey of matt's beard.
Also, I apologize in advance for forgetting to take a "before" picture.

A little trim down the middle - gotta leave the soul patch!...also, as a side note: I am fairly certain if Matt ever committed a crime the LAPD would ask to borrow this photo to use as his mug shot.

All the middle gone - just leaving the almighty chops. Matt called this one the "Charles Dickens"

Just the fu manchu mustache...frightening.

Now just the creeper nasty stache. Only made creepier by the creeper smile. Well done, Matt.

And the world wept because another beautiful man beard was gone. What nice teeth you have, Matt - now that we notice you have teeth without all that beard in the way!

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