July 23rd...bag lady

i may or may not own too many purses. okay....so i own too many purses. so tonight i decided i needed to get rid of a few of them before i grow old and turn into the bag lady. before i drop them off at goodwill i decided to see if any of you lovely people wanted them. they are all in great condition because i own so many i barely ever use these!! *sigh.
if you want one of them - let me know! i'm just giving them away for free. sorry these are pretty terrible pictures of them all, but it was the best i could do at 9p while cleaning my room :)
Message me (if you're reading this on FB), email me, or leave a comment if you want one of them.

Originally from Old Navy - big enough to be a computer bag.

No idea where this originally came from.

So cute and fun - perfect for a night out. Can't fit much.

really pink. and really fun.

Bought this in the Czech Republic - almost didn't put it up here to give away cause I just LOVE it...but I also never use it :(

no clue where I got this either - but it is simple and small.

This purse is CRAZY. Was a fun gift from my mom but I am not cool enough to ever pull it off.

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