July 14th - safety first

today fuller did a little drill in safety preparedness. kludt and i were actors who played victims in a giant earthquake so those on the safety committee could practice search and rescue.

kludt had a large (not not severe) head wound. and a deadly sucking chest wound.

i had no visible injuries (other than a little scratch on my arm) but my 3month old was not breathing, had no pulse and was unconscious.

here was where they brought kludt out to the medical center to tend to his wounds. it was actually a freaky simulation. i hope we never have to go through the real thing!


Eric Jessen said...

It should also be noted that your baby also lacked arms, legs, a lower torso, and a gender. :)

WanderingellimaC said...

please stop mocking my child.

charissa said...

kludt looks like dexter there