pastors lives and christian wives

Conversation in the office today:

Guy: "How long has it been since you've blogged"
Me: "awhile. my problem is i need prompts. i don't do well just coming up with a topic."
Guy: "Blog about why chicks who play the bagpipes make better christian wives" 
Me: "that is the worst topic I've ever heard of"
Other Guy: "I think you meant why LADIES who play the bagpipes make better PASTORS wives"
Me: "cause then they can play at al the funerals?"
Other Guy: "and lead worship"

…so this is my blog about it.


Picture 160: advertising

i am not sure a tag line of "hosting your affair" is what you want to communicate reliability and trust...

This photo taken by Kludt!


Picture 157: He is risen!

My favorite part of the stations of the cross! And this depiction is especially powerful...you can even walk in to the empty tomb!


Picture 156: freaky

this guy is convinced that if you buy your pet a pair of sunglasses they'll love it and never try to take them off. apparently it was true of his. weird.


Picture 155: palm springs

this weekend some of the girls went to palm springs for lizzy's bachelorette weekend!! lots of fun laying in the sun, playing in the pool, eating good food, drinking great drinks, and some interesting dancing! all in all - a wonderful weekend!


Picture 154: juice!

today our office went to whole foods and visited the juice bar. raw juice....weird. i bet it was good for me, but it sure was interesting.
mine is the bright pink one. it is orange juice, beets, spinach, apples, ginger and pear.