July 4th

I have decided to stop numbering my pictures because, well, i won't get up to 365 since i skipped most of june - and it was getting confusing to keep track of (don't ask me why, just trust me).  so i will just label each day by the day that it is (genius!)

today was the birth day of america. several wonderful friends came over to eat and laugh and drink and watch fireworks. it was great.

the hit of the night was the sangria - what a perfectly refreshing drink for a hot night outdoors for a BBQ, fireworks and general nostalgia about our home country!

i originally got this recipe from my awesome friend allen brown.

1 bottle chilled White Wine
1 White Peach
1 Green Apple
2 Oranges
~ 6 oz. Gingerale
~ 1/3 c. Sugar
~ 1 T. Ground Cinnamon

First put wine in pitcher - add sugar and cinnamon and stir until well mixed. Dice peach & apple (1/2 in. cubes).  Slice 1 Orange.  Squeeze Juice from other orange.  Mix, chill, & serve.  Can serve over ice or not.  Extra fruit can be used as garnish.

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lizzo said...

yayyy! now i know what to do the next time i want a delicious way to make myself sleepy ;)