Picture 62: emergency latte

the coffee shop by work has been out of order for a few days. the espresso machine broke so all you can order is drip coffee, tea or smoothies. talk about TERRIBLE! and why is it that you can drink black coffee everyday for months and then when the coffee shop down the street can't offer you anything but that you all of the sudden want nothing but a LATTE. there is nothing else in the world that will satisfy you.

this happened to me today. and i am not proud to say that i convinced one of my co-workers to drive a couple miles to a delicious coffee shop in order to get me a vanilla latte. i wish i could say i feel slightly bad, but i just feel satisfied, because it was delicious. and i loved it. and it made this thursday afternoon go that much better.


Robin said...

I'm not even going to give you a hard time for this. Because I went to CBTB yesterday, so looking forward to a latte and a muffin. I was slightly embarrassed by how disappointed I was.

WanderingellimaC said...

right??? it is kind of sad.