Picture 11: flowers and candles

I love flowers. Fresh flowers. There are few things I can think of that I love getting or giving or having or smelling or looking at more. Flowers are just so HAPPY! I honestly don't think I can choose a favorite flower. Because I love them all. If you are a flower and you are pretty and ESPECIALLY if you smell good - I love you and welcome you into my home.

I also love candles. When is there an occasion you DON'T need candles? I can't think of even one. I love them. The smells the glow the warmth - candles to me are a symbol of home (especially since I don't have a fireplace).

If you come over to my home there are two things you will most certainly find no matter what time it is: fresh flowers and candles. I love love love them. I just think that candles lit all over the house and well placed fresh flowers makes it smell super fresh and feel very homey. 

So come on over - I'll light the candles, cook a nice meal and pour some wine. We can smell my flowers and talk about life.

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