Picture 23: visitors

tonight i headed to old town to have a little visit with some old college friends.  we decided to hit up intelligencia so we could sit, have some tea and chat. but all we ended up doing was LAUGHING! it was mostly really fun and i only felt like i was going to die about three times with mark's driving.

mark lynn. mark is....hilarious. there are few people in my life that make me laugh more. tragically, mark and i have never really gotten to spend a whole lot of time together throughout the years - being in different classes, moving in different circles, living in different locations - but he's always been someone i have loved keeping up with. he is one of those people that you automatically feel like you can be real with, you can share what you really think and who you really are. I like that about him.

jordy lindh. jordy is a bit hard to write about. he will always hold one of the most special places in my heart. he is the best man i know and i am honored to call him friend. i don't know what i would do without him in my life...and i wish i saw him more.

what a fun night.

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