Picture 5: post office

Here's the truth, I kinda hate the post office. I mean, I LOVE mail. So, I guess I am hypocritical. And I LOVE postal people workers. They are always so friendly. At least the guy that comes to my house. He has the best smile and is so kind. I just hate the building.

So today, or Tuesday, rather, but its repercussions were played out today, someone sent me a package in the mail (WHICH I LOVE!!) but made me SIGN for it?!?!? People. Why do we still make each other sign for packages? Unless I am sending a package to Edward Norton I am not going to be asking for a signature. And the one reason I ask for a signature when sending a package to Edward Norton is because I want his autograph - NOT to ensure its delivery.

We need to be trusting each other more (did you get the package? yes? no? great!) And we need to just stinking trust our neighbors. Just leave that ish on my porch. None of my neighbors are going to touch that. Mainly because the good looking ripped man that doesn't own a shirt won't fit the shoes that I compulsively buy and has no need for my taste in jewelry.

Also, I live in a back house - and never, not once, has a post office person, FedEx, Stork, or any other delivery person been able to find my front door - so even if I am home they will think I am not home and make me drive all the way to the post office to pick something up.

My point is: I took this picture because I was at the post office - cause I had to pick up a package that I had to sign for. And I hate doing that. But this man was delightful and now I have a lovely ring that I forgot I had bought. Have I mentioned that I love/hate online shopping??

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Mark Baker-Wright said...

In my apartment complex, I don't think "trust your neighbors" is good advice.

At all.