Picture 27: sea world and flat tires

You are getting two pictures again - becuase I COULDN'T DECIDE!! My life is just too darn exciting!

Today was a great day at work because it was the Health Benefits Fair! That may not sound exciting to you but then you would be wrong because it is awesome. You get to go around to all of these different tables and get free stuff (or SWAG as Michael Scott would say). I got this great compact mirror, a mug, eyeglass cleaner, a pedometer, a pen WITH stickie notes IN IT, and so much more I would brag about but I can already tell you are feeling pretty bad about yourself so I'll stop.

The point of telling you all of this is that Sea World was at our benefits fair. They were letting us know about there ridiculously low rates since we are employees of Fuller. And on our way out of the fair we saw their CAR! How did we know it was theirs? You tell me who else this could have belonged to. If I ever quite my job at Fuller - I am going to work at Sea World - and I will demand a company car!

The second photo is only because I am proud that my procrastination that has lasted for longer than I am willing to admit here ------ CAME TO AN END TODAY. I was really enjoying riding my bike to work everyday until I got a flat tire. And since I drive quite a tiny car I was not able to fit the entire bike into the back seat to bring it in and get the tire fixed. My co-worker said he would help me out if I just brought the tire into work. Well....it has taken me all this time to finally coordinate my schedule with my wonderful roommate Ipp so he could teach me how to take my tire off. I THINK i was paying attention. And by that I mean, he is definitely going to have to put it back on for me and then remove it again if it ever goes flat---cause I still have no idea how to do it. But at least I am one step closer to riding my bike to work again! Yea!

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