Picture 17: deboarding

So....what if, hypothetically, this was the only picture I took on my phone for the day because I kind of forgot to take any other ones. Oops!

But, it is honestly my least favorite part of traveling. Deboarding the plane. You are ALMOST to your destination. So close. You can feel the cold coming on to the plane if you've just landed in Minnesota or Illinois. Or you can feel the heat finally flooding the plane and beginning to thaw out your poor little feet if you've just landed in home sweet home California.

But for some unknown reason, it takes forever for everyone to pile off the plane. You know that the person next to you is just as eager to get off - so why is it always this long process?

I guess it could be worse. You know, like those times you have to sit on the tarmac for hours before you can get to a gate. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Did they forget they had a plane coming in? Did too many people call in sick for the day? Or my personal favorite - when the person next to you is just content sitting and waiting for the whole plane to unload before getting off. I mean, that's really nice for them, but if they'd kindly let your impatient self pass then you wouldn't mind so much! :)

Sorry the picture is terrible. I was taking it but then realized that my flash was on so I moved the camera before it was actually done capturing the photo - cause I felt like a stalker. Also, there was the cutest woman on my plane that had pretty much never flown before and had ALL these questions as we were going through security and getting ready to fly "they are going to make me take my SHOES off???" "I have an unopened bottle of denture cream in there - they won't take that will they? it ain't never been opened!"

I love new flyers.

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