Picture 21: Jones

one of my least favorite parts of my job is also, ironically, one of my favorite parts of my job. i am in charge of restocking office supplies. THRILLING, I KNOW! this requires me every so often to have to travel to office max, smart and final, the apple store, and all those other fun places one must go to stock up on things people need to do office-y thing.

today, i had to go to the apple store. i needed an adaptor thing so my computer could have TWO monitors. i feel like i am well on my way to world domination. maybe my picture one day will be of this awesome set-up i have going on so you can feel jealous.

anyway, on to my picture of the day.

one of the perks of having to stock up on office supplies is that you can go out of your way and take stops that are not necessary, but since you are out....why not?? today's stop: jones coffee. since i already had to go to the apple store and pick up tea at smart and final i decided that i would pick myself up a cup of coffee at jones. much to my delight JOSH was working! and they had some great music going on. it was a great little stop that made me really really not want to go back to work.

but i did.

i am the model employee.


Robin said...

Funny...I didn't think Jones and the Apple store were remotely close to one another. :)

WanderingellimaC said...

don't judge...they're close enough. maybe jones is selling apple products now - you don't know!!