Picture 4: coffee

I am pretty confident this is not the last time you are going to see that title: coffee!! I am a little addicted to it. I love it. Just for fun - let's recount what I had to drink today:
Venti Vanilla Misto from Starbucks to kick off the day
A cup of fresh brewed office coffee (but the crapy kind before this photo took place....I'll explain soon)
A cup of delicious hazelnut coffee a la Tammi
A tall decaf americano to top off a terrific evening of sporadic and stimulating conversation and good food.

Now to the photo:

At my job we brew coffee for all of the classes (seminars) that come in. Depending on the size of the class we are brewing anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 gallons of coffee twice a day. These coffee pots see a lot of use - but the worst part is that they sit on a HOT warmer all day to keep the coffee heated. This makes all sorts of great deliciousness stick to the bottom of the pots (especially when SOME people forget to them them off overnight.....or over a weekend! Oops!). At any rate, we need to clean them far more often than we do. What can I say? We're no Starbucks. But we're not planning on selling this coffee to our students anytime soon so I think it's okay. The health department can't come fine me...right?

Today was the day that we decided we didn't want to deal with the metal burnt coffee taste anymore. So Josh and Dave spent some time cleaning out each coffee pot and filter with the super duper special cleaning powder (that's its technical name).

I have not actually tasted the result yet, but I am positive it will be glorious. I can't wait to try a cup in the morning!


Lizzie said...

You're just too awesome for your own good, ok?

Eric Jessen said...

Will there be a day to sample this new super duper clean coffee? :)