Picture 10: donuts

i work for fuller's doctor of ministry program. THE MOST BRILLIANT PROGRAM IN THE WORLD. but, whatever, i'm not biased. our program is all distance learning so our students come in for one or two week intensive classes. on the first monday of each of those classes we bring in donuts for the students. we offer an average of 20-25 classes a year. soooooooo, that's a lot of donuts. i think offices are just the worst place to try and stay healthy.

by the way - that one donut in the middle that looks half eaten. that's me. i have to sit right by the donuts all day so i find that if i don't take a whole one but slowly chip away at one the whole morning i tend to eat less. GENIUS!


lizzo said...

um, i want to say that i completely take credit for that behavior, FOR WHICH YOU USED TO SHAME ME RELENTLESSLY.

allow me to illustrate: *annoyed sigh* "just take the whole thing. you know you will anyway." yes, but this way i will take ONE instead of SEVEN.

i think now would be an appropriate time to say I TOLD YOU SO. ;)

WanderingellimaC said...

Haah!! You are 100% right. I actually had a draft written in my head where I gave you all the credit - I must have subconsciously not wanted the "I told you so" - but, see, karma gave it to me anyway!!
Thanks for teaching me these valuable lessons that came in so handy when I would eventually sit next to the donut table.

karla said...

I miss the office donuts!