Picture 29: Athanasius

The truth? I didn't take a picture today. It was a pretty boring day. The morning started out great - coffee with my girls. This is always the best part of my week. But the rest of the day was just errands, errands, errands, errands. So, I guess I could have taken a picture of target, the bank, or the carwash - but I just didn't think that was that exciting.

So, instead, I decided to cheat and give you a picture of my adorable nephew: Athanasius. Athan is the cutest kid EVER. He has the greatest little personality. He makes the best sound effects ever. He will never do anything that he doesn't want to do which is frustrating on one hand because you can't make him play or cuddle with you if he doesn't want to - but on the other hand it is WONDERFUL because you know that if he runs and JUMPS into your arms, it is because he loves you and really wants to be there. He really likes to shoot nurf guns, vacuum, talk on the phone and play musical instruments. And my brothers are doing a good job of teaching him how to play video games.

I wish I lived closer to my family so I could see them more often.


Jenuine said...

he totally looks like Superman getting a call to action right here! Isn't Aunting amazing? :)

WanderingellimaC said...

haah! he does!
it really really is :) i love it.