Picture 14: SCOTTY BROWN!

I have been really really brave - and traveled to the frozen tundra of Minnesota. Let's recap people....it is supposed to be high 70's low 80's in Pasadena all this weekend and I thought it would be a good idea to go to Minnesota. Next time I have this idea someone be a friend and remind me that I want to travel here in the FALL! not winter.

I arrived here at 2:00p today and it was snowing. Grrrrreat.

But it is all fine. Because I get to be with Scotty. Scotty Brown is tough to sum up in one single blog post. He has been in my life since.....forever. Really, I have a hard time remembering parts of my life before he was in it. To say that he is a really good friend is simply insignificant, he is a part of my family. He is definitely in my top three favorite brothers I have and I couldn't not imagine my life without him. He's given me so much guidance, advice, wisdom and direction throughout my life.

Scott was the first one to take me to Nepal which was where I first found and developed my love, passion and conviction to work for the sexually oppressed and vulnerable. He helped me learn to deal with the varied emotions I was facing in the face of this unjustice.

His love for the people of Nepal, the outdoors, youth, Russian tea, trekking, reading, history, relationships, connection and just about everything he commits himself to inspires me.

I love Scott. And I love that I get to spend some time with him this weekend (and his dog Max!)

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