Picture 16: only in minnesota

I couldn't narrow down which picture I wanted to use from today - so you are getting two. But I figured that my friend Jennifer cheats every day so I can too, right?

First: car door.

This picture was taken at church this morning. Specca and I visited Woodlandhills church. Well, she goes there all the time, but I visited with her. When we arrived (about 20 minutes late....but girls need their coffee, right?) We pulled in and the car next to us had their door WIDE OPEN. No one in sight. The car was off. Someone arrived at church in such a hurry that they got out of the car to run inside and FORGOT to close their door. What?? Only in Minnesota would they be so trusting they would leave their car doors open. So we made sure the door was unlocked and closed it for them. That was our good Samaritan act for the day.

Second: RATS!

This picture was taken back at home this evening when we decided that going out of the house again was not an option due to the cold. So we picked up some food and cooked a delicious meal of fajitas. For dessert we decided that we would cook up some cookie dough. Only problem...when we went to grab the cookie dough mix out of the pantry - it was clear that MICE had gotten into it. EW!!! That hole that you see in the bag was not cut by us. It was chewed by mice. But did that stop us?? NO. We are girls who want something sweet, so we poured the contents ever so gently and carefully into a bowl checking with the finest detail whether there was poop or poison or disease in it. Unless it was microscopic, I think we caught it. So we decided it would be okay to cook it up and eat it anyway. Judge us all you want.....we're enjoying delicious cookies right now. (Hey, at least we cooked them and didn't just eat the dough...that had to have gotten rid of some of the disease, right?)

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Beckwith said...

So, when you finally have your Come to Jesus moment, which could be soon due to the microscopic mouse disease you missed, I think that He'll say with a bit more bravado than He does with us regular sinners, "WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!" I need a cookie.