Picture 15: Specca

This has been the greatest weekend. I am now staying with my bestest friend Specca. What a perfect end to a very cold weekend.

Specca and I met our freshman year of college. We were randomly paired up as roommates in Getsch. I could not imagine Bethel Housing doing a better job pairing up roommates. Becca and I got along wonderfully.
We would stay up late at night researching Richard Speck and how he was NOT related to me.
We would wrestle on the floor of our room to get in our mandatory 20 minutes of exercise for our Heath and Wellness class.
We would writes notes on our bedroom window to the boys across the way.
We would try to go to lots of free concerts since her dad worked for KTIS and could get us into shows with musicians like MICHAEL CARD!
We would take care of each other when we did not feel well - especially during that time of the month (I won't really get more specific than that).
We would hang out with "Fred and Ethel"
We would try to keep our room clean
She would try to keep quiet when I went to bed at 9p
I would yell at her when she pressed snooze 4 times in the morning
We would share roommate dinners in the DC
We would share awkward lunches with Speccablomberg (is that right?)

There are too many memories to recount.
I consider it an honor that she is a lifelong friend. I have been able to go and visit her in Mexico twice during times she has lived down there working for various organizations. The first time working with drug addicted youth and the second time enjoying a little language immersion.
She has come out to California several times to visit me: as I was first getting used to the transition and when I bribed her with a U2 concert.
And we've met up in Minnesota a couple of times to hang out - while I was on my way back from trekking in Nepal or just for fun.
I love that we make it a point to see each other no matter where were we are in life.

This visit was a special one....the last time I was in Mexico I was able to meet Javier. At that time he was her boyfriend, but now he is her fiance. They will be getting married in May and I am so thrilled for them. They just got engaged at the end of December so I had to come out to celebrate. Javier is an amazing man. He is kind and generous and thoughtful and hilarious. I am so thankful (and only a little jealous) that my friend found such an amazing man to marry.

The photo above is us toasting to her new engagement. You can see the ring on the hand....and Javier on the cell phone laying next to us on the table. What a joyous night getting to connect with them and celebrate the exciting future they have ahead of them!!

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