Picture 3: toilet


I bet you were really afraid I was actually going to show you MY toilet...or something equally embarrassing that I can't bring myself to type right now. But I didn't. I'm not going to lie - I really suck at this taking pictures thing, but I don't want to give up already, it is only the 3rd day for crying out loud! Here's my problem, when I am doing something really fun and photo worthy (like community dinner with my roommates, the lovely Lizzy, my landladies and the Gavinator) I just FORGET to ever break out my camera because I am having such a great time. We're talking and laughing and eating and joking and telling stories and I don't really THINK to stop and take a photo. Therefore........you get this photo of a toilet.

Now let me explain the toilet. This has been in my backyard since before I moved in. It belonged to some of the boys before me. I believe someone brought it over as a prank and put it in our yard. The first time I came over (because I knew the boys before I ended up moving into the house) they actually told me that was the toilet for the girls to use..RUDE.

As you can see we are a very "green" household. We've started a little community shrubbery in the pot. Pretty excited to see where it's going to go. Probably to Dahlstrom's yard in the middle of the night one night :) Cause I am kind of tired of starring at a toilet when I am laying out on my hammock.

I think that soccer ball belongs to the kids across the fence - I should toss it back over to them. Maybe I'll tie a note that says "you're not getting this back next time if you keep playing your music so loud! Spread the word!"

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