Picture 6: weight watchers

I think of myself as a fairly confident person. I am happy with my life; both in what I have been able to achieve and the way that I look. But sometimes, the WORLD makes it really hard to continue to love and appreciate yourself. It seems that all society, the media and EVERYONE wants to do is point out to you what's wrong with your current situation. I mean, I have two Master's degrees....but shouldn't I have a Doctorate? I have a great office job with some of the most wonderful people I am privileged to know, but shouldn't I be doing something more in my field that I feel changes the world in a more obvious way? And I have been pretty much the same weight for the last 5 or 6 years but....

Today, at lunch, I was heating up a deluxe healthy choice frozen lunch (I know, I'm pretty gourmet). As I pulled the frozen deliciousness out of the box a coupon for WEIGHT WATCHERS fell out onto the floor. Really? Weight Watchers? I mean, okay, I guess that if someone is eating this type of frozen lunch that is only a small amount of calories for lunch then maybe they are a weight/health conscious person. But, COME ON.

We get hit by it from every direction. First you have to try the South Beach Diet then Atkins then the Master Cleanse (please, don't try to convince me that you are actually doing this to CLEANSE yourself), then everything you see on television is about the "secret to celebrities keeping thin!" Sometimes, it just gets exhausting. Can some of us just be happy with the way we are? Maybe some of our bodies were just made to be the size we are and won't ever be happy (or able) dropping to 100lbs.

I mean, I really enjoy all of the billboards along the side of the street that encourage me to think about how fat I might be. But, they could give America a little break.

Okay, I'm going to go work out - count my calories and then maybe get a little liposuction.

PS....a close second for today's photo was my colleague David. He brought in one of his Christmas gifts, a guitar t-shirt, And you can actually play it. It comes with a pick and has a little amp thing you can clip on to your pocket. It was so cool. But I couldn't really think of that much commentary to write with it other than IT'S ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Facing Sunrise said...

did he get that from thinkgeek.com? it's on my brother's ongoing wish list on there.

WanderingellimaC said...

no idea. but i'll ask him! it is geeky so that would make sense!