Picture 53: Goodbye Tree

My landladies decided to have a tree in our driveway taken down. Since I am home sick for a second day this has proven to be my entertainment. I sit in my kitchen, drinking tea, watching the nice men chop it down limb for limb.
Sometimes, when I am not watching and I just hear a crackle and then a thump, I can almost convince myself the tree is about to fall through our window into our kitchen. Of course it won't, they are very careful, but there are a whole lot of sounds going on out there between the chainsaws, tree limbs falling, and the wood chopper.

Here is a picture of the brave man that gets to climb all the way up the tree to use his chainsaw on it bit by bit.

And here are the nice men that get to wait for it to fall (hopefully not on their head) so they can throw it in the wood chopper.

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