Picture 32: Foy Vance

I went to a concert last night that was....incredible. I haven't quite unpacked it yet and find myself somewhat at a loss for words. One of the best concerts I have been to in a long time. Foy Vance is a truly gifted musician. It is impossible to listen to his music without being moved. You don't know whether to sit and listen in reverent awe or hoot and hollar and each intriguing note and lyric. Seriously, check out Foy. You won't regret it. Here are some soundbites to tease you a bit.

I can't believe I had never heard of him before this week! It was totally worth staying up long hours past my bedtime (which is why this also counts as my picture of the day for Tuesday, because I took it at around 12:30a!!!) I am turning into such a party animal.

As a side note: he also really reminded me of my roommate. If my roommate decided to become a musician, this is exactly what he would look like - the way he would tell jokes, the way he would look when he sings....maybe even the way he would dress! I am not quite sure he would sound this good when music came out of his mouth (sorry, Hosicle), but they might be clones of each other.


charissa said...

FRIEND. if you actually pay attention to the music on my blog then you would have heard of him wayyyyyy before last week. #justsayin' #humblebrag ;) HAHA

WanderingellimaC said...

you suck.

charissa said...

muuahhahhha :D