Picture 36: Uncle Joey & Auntie B

My uncle got married today, to a wonderful woman. Joe and Betty have known each other for over 14 years. It had been a privilege to watch them grow and change and see their relationship evolve.
My uncle is an amazing man, tough on the outside but a teddy bear on the inside. He is extremely loyal and you have no doubt that if you ever really needed anything he would drop whatever to help you. He has been a great support and given me great advice as I've learned what it means to grow up and live on my own.
I remember first meeting Betty when I came out too California to visit colleges. I was intrigued by this woman that had captured my uncle's affections. This is no easy thing to do. I took a liking to her instantly-her contagious personality and her lovable Boston accent.
She was a very warm and encouraging presence in my life when I first moved to California for graduate school, was looking for a job and happened too be living with my Uncle before I could find housing of my own. I could not think of a better match for my uncle and I am so happy for them both! What a privilege to be apart of this special day.

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