Picture 42: 7 eleven

This is the 7 eleven that our team stops at every Friday night before heading out to the track. It is a great place to grab some coffee and then all group together and pray before heading out and talking to people. I know it is not a great picture, but I figured I'd give you a different perspective of Friday nights and the track throughout the year...

Tonight was strange. There was a real police presence out there on the streets which always creates the mixture for a crazy evening. The girls are less present and then less interested in talking with you.

But there is a first for everything: tonight we ran into some undercover cops. Two women dressed as prostitutes trying to catch some pimps. To be honest, I have no idea what their long term plan was because it would be really hard to catch a pimp - but they looked descent. They were a little too "done up" and clean....and they were white which made them stand out a little more :) I am appreciative that they are trying to do things that are more proactive. But sometimes it is hard not to see their methods as a means to an end. Even if the end is good.....or good-er. They asked us to move further down the street because even though they could appreciate what we were out there doing we were getting in their way and a danger to blowing their cover.

Never a dull moment on the streets of LA late on Friday nights.

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