Picture 35: Baby's Badass Burgers

Lizzo, Roberto and I are on a mission in 2011 to try the best burgers in Southern California. You might remember that I posted a link to the Huffington Post a few weeks back when they listed the top 24 (according to...........them?). We decided we would try them and give our own review. We had all three been to 2 of them already (In-n-Out and The Counter) so we crossed them off the list already.

So tonight started the adventure: Baby's Badass Burgers. A food truck.


Okay, to be fair. The burgers themselves were not all that bad, but they were nothing I would chase the truck down for again. I got one of their baby burgers with mushrooms, swiss cheese, grilled onions and their special sauce. It tasted just fine (although I do think that the hawaiian bread it was on was the best part of the burger!). But I think what was "lacking" was the whole experience.

The truck was a half hour late and then we ended up waiting another half hour after we ordered to get our food (and we were third in line!) I think the whole reason these burgers ended up on the top 24 list anyway was only because there are girls that run the whole thing in tight fitting clothes - pretending they don't know how to count change - and talking in exaggerated tones. I am sorry to say, but I think I maybe got dumber by going there. It was actually painful waiting in line listening to people order their "She's Smokin' Maneater".

At least the company was good :)


Anonymous said...

You must try Simmzy's in MB. One of the best!

Mike Work said...

The question is, was the truck parked outside of the Eagle Rock Brewery?

WanderingellimaC said...

@Mike: sadly, no. But one of the burger trucks we want to try stops there frequently so we are excited for an excuse to go back!