Picture 46: Self

I am a professional photographer!! Okay, I am kidding, but I might be able to fool people for a little bit now since I got a brand new Canon Rebel T2i!!! I might pee my pants every time I use it I am so excited it is mine, my own, all for me! I own it. I have a nice camera! I will now have to sign up for a photography class so I can actually use this camera up to its finest potential.

 This is to show you how excited I am! (also, I heard a lot of you were wondering what my bathroom looked like...)

It is amazing how a nice camera allows you to see the world in new ways. There is beauty everywhere, but when you walk around with a camera you see things that you never would have noticed before - hopefully I'll be able to share some of those with you.

And just as a bonus for you: my valentines. Since my camera was new I took some photos of them :)

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