Picture 39: A Guide to Eating at Northwoods Inn

There is this fabulous restaurant called Northwoods Inn that my family and I LOVE. We have to go there every time we are all in California. It is delicious.

Here is the tip if you are ever going to eat there. The portions are GINORMOUS! All of the steaks and crab legs and deliciousness come with bread and two salads. The salads are LITERALLY worth dying for (am I dramatic? maybe.) So what I have found works terrific is if you order one of these ridiculously large meals, but don't even stress yourself out with touching the steak. Focus on eating the bread and salads - once your steak comes with your vegtables (or baked potato) and rice just go ahead and ask for a box right away. Then you have two or THREE meals....all for the expensive price of one.


This is my leftover steak. And it was just as delicious today as it would have been on Saturday.

You're welcome.

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