How much do I let money control me?
Brandon gave a great sermon today on the parable of the rich fool from Luke. He talked about money being the root of all kinds of evil - not of all evil. That's an important distinction.
You don't even have to have money for this to be the case. The love of money (whether you have it or not) leads to all kinds of greed and dissatisfaction.
The important thing is to realize is that God has our best interest in mind - do I really believe that? 1 Timothy 6 tells us that God gives us everything for our enjoyment. Everything we have: our money, our time and our talents - they all belong to God. Everything God gives us he desires we use in order that life may be lived to its fullest and life may be abundant.
It is when we can grasp this and when we can really let go that we begin to live and experience.
I don't think I am there yet. I still hold on too tightly to wealth because I believe that a bank account equals security. As long as there is some money in there I am OK.
God - take my life but my bank account belongs to me.
I want to do so much for the world - for the suffering and the oppressed - but I think I need to let God do a whole lot more for me and learn to trust his best interest for me and his ability to provide - otherwise there will always be something holding me back.

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