I am torn about the prospect of online dating and the internet hook-up. While living back in the Midwest I never would have considered eHarmony or any other internet dating site – and didn’t even really know anyone else who ever used them.

Now that I have moved to California I have met so many people who met their spouse on eHarmony or similar sites. They connect with people, talk, meet to go on dates, and this is how they navigate the whole dating scene.

I just think this is so interesting. In all honestly you don’t know if you are going to meet some creep. True they ask you a whole series of questions and ask you to be really honest – but you never really know. But I guess you never really know when you meet someone face to face either.

I guess it is all the conception I have in my head that somehow it is supposed to work differently. God is supposed to just bring you together and you shouldn’t have to go on some internet site to find it…but who is to say. I just think that it is so interesting how things have changed.

So, what do you think? eHarmony…would you do it????

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Jason said...

I think it'll server its purpose, but I have to protect your feelings. The online interview is rather lengthy. One must open up and reveal themselves truthfully. They ask you to write paragraphs as well as bubble in little answers. Its extensive, and in the end when the computer reveals you are 'unmatchable,' things get hard. I'm just looking out for you, I'm not bitter.