Fight Club

The heart and soul of Fight Club soon became Project Mayhem. Edward Nortan’s character gets frustrated right about the time Project Mayhem begins. He starts to feel excluded and out of control. He yearns for the days he and Brad Pitt had started Fight Club and were the centers of attention. He felt like a bad ass and loved the attention he received.

When he asks about Project Mayhem and argues that he should be more involved because he was one of the creators of fight club Brad Pitt says to him, “this is not about you and me. You choose how involved you want to be in Project Mayhem”.

This is often how it is in the Christian life. Lots of times projects get really big and the social justice issues we are engaged in involve lots of people and we begin to feel like a number or a statistic or insignificant compared to the number of people working on the problem. We start to feel jealous that we don’t get more credit. We start to feel we are loosing control when others start listening to advice from more sources and going in different directions without consulting us first.

But Jesus would say to us that it is not about you and me. It is about what he is doing in the Kingdom that is already but not yet. He chooses to use me in big ways and in little ways – but none of these are about me and what I can do. When I get the idea that I have something to contribute and the success of something falls on my involvement – whoops! We only have so many gifts and abilities – that is the beauty of the body. When we all come together we can make a bigger contribution and a bigger impact.

And then I choose how involved I want to be in Project Mayhem. God always puts opportunities before me – I just decide how involved I want to be. God will do big things and continue to use me if I decide I want to blow things up – steal things – and stick it to the corporate man. ☺

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