Everyone Wants Someone to Follow

Everyone wants someone to follow if there is someone strong enough or willing enough to lead him or her.

I look at the world and see so much conformity. No one wants to stick out – unless they are sticking out in the “right” or “popular” way. And everyone wants to be accepted by others.

When someone steps up with an idea or movement they feel passionate about calling out others to follow them they will gather many people to themselves in just a short period of time. This is because people are thirsty for direction and meaning in their life.

Sometimes I just sit there waiting for someone else to take the lead and tell me what to do. I feel so unqualified for the passions God has put in my heart that I just stand motionless in the midst of the chaos around me.
What will it take to put me in motion? What will it take to make me that leader others yearn to follow?

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