Isn't it hard when sometimes you feel like you are split in a million different directions? You are a caring and passionate person (or you would like to think you are) and you hear about all sorts of issues but your heart struggles knowing which ones to invest in.

Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking
The Church
Medical Ethics
Child Soldiers
Slave Labor
I could go on and on....

We all have areas that we feel passionate about and called to - but we also see that many of these areas overlap.
So how do you decide? How do you look at the many needs in our communities and the world and not get overwhelmed?

I am deeply passionate about the issue of sexual exploitation and trafficking. But even within the sector you have many areas in which to get involved. Do you want to work with men or women? Do you want to work with women or children?
Let's say I work with children:
Do I work with the prevention: working on legislation, boarder control, etc.
Do I work with the rescue: brothel raids, relationship building, etc.
Do I work with the rehabilitation: psychological care, relationship building, etc.

There are so many avenues you can work with how do you decide? I am so torn. My heart breaks when I hear about what is being done to children around the world and across the United States - but I feel powerless to do anything about it. There is so much work to be done, but how am I qualified to do anything about it?

But despite all of that we must do something. Even though there is an overwhelming amount to be done and we don't know our place in it all - we know that God has called us to minister to the alien the orphan and the widow. What you do the least of these you do to me - Christ said. Even if it takes everything within me - I will do whatever I can to see God's Kingdom brought to earth. I don't know when, and I don't know how - I can only hope God chooses to use me to bring peace and comfort to those suffering.

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