savoring the ordinary

I read this today, and I really liked it - so I share it with you all. 

"ordinary time" by kelley nikondeha

Ordinary time begins today. And I need some ordinary time – the sacredness of the everyday, honoring each day for what it is. In the morning, noon and night. In the showering, cooking, carpooling, handholding. In the laundry, errands, homework, coffee. I crave the ordinary days filled with hugs, giggles, messes, interruptions, expected deliveries and fresh baked bread.

All of this is good – no need to dress it in twinkle lights, strew it with red hearts or toss any confetti. These days, such as they are, hold a goodness all their own. God declared as much when no one else was listening yet.

Consumerism needs to sensationalize each season to sell more, create excitement and entice ‘the buyer within.’ Starbucks put out a small Valentine’s display near the register – already. The sellers are impatient. Ordinary days might mean ordinary sales. They push us forward to spend on the next extra happy and heart-filled season. The grocery store, too, has its end cap filled with conversation hearts and red foil chocolates. So the next Hallmark holiday is reaching forward to grab our attention before we can settle back into normal…spending, living, being.

I’ve chosen to look past the displays for now because my own heart isn’t ready. I need the ordinary glory of today.

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