A Review of Crossroads by William Young

What if you could take a walk inside your soul?
What if you could view the world from another persons perspective? Feel their emotions, see their pain, experience their joy?
There are some of the glimpses Wm. Paul Young gives us in "Crossroads" his next piece of work after his famous piece of work "The Shack".
He takes us on a journey with a no good, rotten, selfish man, Anthony Spencer, given a chance to make things right in his last moments on earth. 
He's able to see pain he's caused with his family and those around him, but more importantly, see the pain he's caused himself by shutting down his capacity to love and let others love him. By taking a journey in another woman's head, he's able to see what real love and community looks like and find himself capable of making the decisions to selflessly love and save another person.
A bit predictable? Yes.
But Wm Paul Young helps you to wrestle with lots of questions that you probably ask yourself, others or God on a daily basis. 
He asks the questions we're afraid to ask God because we don't want to know the answers. He makes more accessible the conversations we should be having with people who want to know more about God.
He doesn't answer them all - but sometimes there's simple freedom in the asking.
It's worth the read. Fast, easy and entertaining. 

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