Potty Talk

I've heard people wonder what goes on in the ladies restroom when we all run in there together to powder our noses and freshen up......so I thought I'd share the conversation I overheard last night as I was in the ladies room with a bunch of women at a banquet I was attending.

Lady 1: Barb...you will never guess what happened today. I went to Target and did ya know, the four pack of panties I was going to buy was TEN DOLLARS! TEN!!! I was at K-Mart just last month and it was only $4.99.

Lady 2: Mmmmm Hmmmm

Lady 1: I went straight up to that cashier and told them that was criminal. Just criminal

Lady 2: Mmmmm Hmmmm

Lady 1: And do you know what she said? "well, maybe you should shop at K-Mart"

Lady 2: Mmmmm

Lady 1: I guess Imma have to. That's criminal. TEN DOLLARS for panties. And not the fancy ones. Four of those little cotton ones.

So, I guess, my point is, you don't have to be that curious cause it is not that interesting. Also, don't buy your panties at Target.

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