Changed My Mind

Oops, I changed my mind, but Obama and Romney [and insert every other politician here] aren't allowed to....

There is one thing (yes, only one) I still don't understand about politics. How are human beings NOT allowed to change their mind? Do you know how many times throughout my life I have changed my mind about issues and how many more times I plan to change it again?! It is called MATURITY people. I would actually be frightened if our political leaders were so closed minded that they NEVER EVER EVER changed their minds on anything ever.  


Anonymous said...

So you're saying you're some kind of flip flopper??

Seriously though, true true! Most people want a superhero president, not a human being. But not the kind of flawed superheroes we have in comic books and movies. They want the kind that never makes mistakes or does anything wrong or lets anyone get hurt. Ever!

lizzo said...