An Open Letter to Charter Communications

You are, quite simply, extremely annoying. I appreciate your internet service, I really do. And I think you provide great rates and good reliable service. But when it comes to every other area of who you are, how you relate to your cliental and your customer service, you are terrible. I have never interacted with another company that has made me feel more harassed.  If I wanted cable and telephone or any other service that you offered, believe me, I WOULD LET YOU KNOW. There are two main issues that I have with you.

First, you call me three to four times a day - sometimes beginning at 6:45a. This does not make me any more likely to solicit said services from you. You call me from different telephone numbers, and different area codes, trying to trick me into answering the phone. And if you do succeed in making me pick up my phone, your customer service representatives will never let me off the phone even after explicitly telling them 6 to 34,567,890 times I do not want to make any changes to my plan. It has come to the point where I will not pick up any phone numbers that I do not recognize for fear of being harassed by your company. This has resulted in me missing some very important and exciting calls from overseas friends. Is that your fault? Not necessarily - but you aren't making things easier. 

Second, I sincerely think you hate mother nature. The number of letters that you send me marked "VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION" that are the exact same thing as your phone calls just trying to get me to spend more money with you, is outrageous. I could have a bonfire once a month with the amount of paper I throw away that you send to my mailbox. And for the record, trying to get me to purchase cable, is not VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. I am lucky I have not thrown away one of your bills yet in the midst of all the junk you mail to me.

All this to say, Dearest Charter, please stop harassing your customers. We know what great service you provide. That is why we are with you. And if we ever decide we want more if it - we'll come to you. Trust us, we know that you are there. But right now you seem a little desperate and needy, and that just pushes us away even more.



Kevin Lewis said...

Truth! I have not received the phone call (that would drive me insane), but the constant letters offering the same bundle have made me think the same thing.

Dylan T Hill said...

Good Afternoon Julia,

My name is Dylan Hill, and I am a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. I am very sorry to hear about the number of calls and letters you’ve received, as well as the frustration that they have caused. I would be happy to have both forms of contact stopped completely for you. Please send me an email at Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com, and I can assist further. Please be sure to put "CharterDylan - Julia" in the subject line of the e-mail, so I can keep an eye out for it.

For more information on the Charter Social Media team, please visit our page: http://www.charter.com/Umatter2Charter

Thanks, and I look forward to helping you with these concerns.

Dylan T Hill
Senior Social Media Specialist – Charter